Корпоративное тестирование английского языка

Корпоративное тестирование

1. What is it? This is __________ computer.


2. I have a sister. ___________ 19 years old.


3. Where __________ Jane go every morning?


4. Kate _________a nice house.


5. Where are you? Are you _______school?


6. Mary _____________a shower every evening.

is takingtakestakingtooks

7. What ___________ now?

are you dois you doare you doingdo you do

8. He thinks _________ this test is difficult.


9. Was she at work _________?

everydaynext weektomorrowyesterday

10. Do you want to buy ___________ milk?


11. She doesn’t get ___________mail.

toolittlea lotmuch

12. There _________ something on the table.


13. Is this purse __________?


14. Kate __________ for 4 hours last night.

sleepesdid sleepsleptsleeped

15. I’m thirsty, I _________a glass of juice.

wouldwould to likewould likelikes

16. Why __________ call him last month?

did youyou diddo youwere you

17. When my wife came home yesterday, I ______________TV.

were watchingwas watchingwatchedwas watched

18. What ___________tonight?

do you dodo you to doare you goingare you going to do

19. Can you _________ me where the shop is?


20. They _________happy to meet you.


21. Zara is __________ than Kate.

more youngerthe youngestyoungeryoung

22. I’m sick. I _______see a doctor.


23. We’re listening __________the teacher.


24. Mary’s story was_________Tom’s story.

more funnyfunny thanfunnier thanmore funnier than

25. What __________computer for?

do you needare you needingyou needneed you

26. Sandra needs ______ perfect pronunciation.


27. If it __________tomorrow, I’ll stay home.

will rainwon't raindoesn't rainrains

28 . Do you ________work tonight?

shouldmusthave tocan

29. ________there last year?

Did you wereWere youHave you beenHad you been

30. Why did you throw it ______?


31. You’ve been driving _______4 hours!


32. We haven’t seen the film _____.


33. Why do we put _______the trip?


34. She’s really interested ________ French.


35. They’re responsible _______ this task.


36. We won’t help you because you have to figure it _______ yourself.


37. How ______can I get there?


38. There were 2 oranges. Kate ate an orange, Jane ate ________.

otherothersanotherthe other

39. Is this the person ___________ daughter is a famous designer?


40. I’m married _______ Thomas.


41. This table isn’t similar _______that one.


42. My brother is ________old ____ I am.

not as … thanmore … thannot as … asless … than

43. It _____________rain next week.

mayis able tomaybehas to

44. The director wanted to know how the TV ______stolen.

wasishad beenhas been

45. – I don’t like swimming. — _____________.

Neither I doNeither do ISo I doSo do I

46. — What’s happened to her? — She cut _______ with a knife.


47. Mary is not very ___________with the news.


48. I _______ living in a small village.

am usedam used toused todidn't used to

49. Jane dropped _______ university when she was 21.

out fromoutfromout of

50. If she had told me everything about the situation, I _______helped her.

wouldhavewould have

51. I was wondering _____ tell me when the next train to Edinburgh arrives.

pleaseif you couldcould youcan you

52. She’s lost her mobile. She can’t find it ______.


53. I’m really looking forward ______ that book.

readreadingto readingto read

54. Nick said he ________need a week to make the situation clear.

is goingcanwouldwill

55. Natalia works at the bank, _______?

does shedoesn't sheisn't sheis she

56. ________ have you been waiting for her?

How longHow farWhenWhat time

57. The bathroom can’t be dirty, Tom ________.

just cleans itis just it cleanhave just cleaned ithas just cleaned it

58. Jack _____ his personal assistant clean the office.


59. You are so tired, you _____ gone to bed.

neededmusthave toshould have

60. Katty wouldn’t mind _______ today.

go outgoing outto going outto go out

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