Корпоративное тестирование английского языка

Корпоративное тестирование

    1. What is it? This is __________ computer.


    2. Where are you? Are you _______school?


    3. Mary _____________a shower every evening.

    is takingtakestakingtooks

    4. What ___________ now?

    are you dois you doare you doingdo you do

    5. Was she at work _________?

    everydaynext weektomorrowyesterday

    6. Do you want to buy ___________ milk?


    7. There _________ something on the table.


    8. Is this purse __________?


    9. What ___________tonight?

    do you dodo you to doare you goingare you going to do

    10. Can you _________ me where the shop is?


    11. Zara is __________ than Kate.

    more youngerthe youngestyoungeryoung

    12. I’m sick. I _______see a doctor.


    13. Sandra needs ______ perfect pronunciation.


    14. If it __________tomorrow, I’ll stay home.

    will rainwon't raindoesn't rainrains

    15. ________there last year?

    Did you wereWere youHave you beenHad you been

    16. We haven’t seen the film _____.


    17. She’s really interested ________ French.


    18. We won’t help you because you have to figure it _______ yourself.


    19. Is this the person ___________ daughter is a famous designer?


    20. I’m married _______ Thomas.


    21. My brother is ________old ____ I am.

    not as … thanmore … thannot as … asless … than

    22. The director wanted to know how the TV ______stolen.

    wasishad beenhas been

    23. – I don’t like swimming. — _____________.

    Neither I doNeither do ISo I doSo do I

    24. Mary is not very ___________with the news.


    25. If she had told me everything about the situation, I _______helped her.

    wouldhavewould have

    26. I was wondering _____ tell me when the next train to Edinburgh arrives.

    pleaseif you couldcould youcan you

    27. I’m really looking forward ______ that book.

    readreadingto readingto read

    28. Natalia works at the bank, _______?

    does shedoesn't sheisn't sheis she

    29. ________ have you been waiting for her?

    How longHow farWhenWhat time

    30. Jack _____ his personal assistant clean the office.


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